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What is The Directory?

The Directory is an Excel-based document containing high-level information about Businesses and Employment.

How can The Directory help you?

General Service Providers may find The Directory useful when preparing their employment tenders, also the directory aims to provide a quick, one-stop, high-level source of information.

Where does The Directory information derive from?

The information included in The Directory is supplied by the General Providers.  If you have specific project queries, please contact the Provider project manager.

Further information on published reports, recommendations and infographics are available for browsing, in single point of reference documents.

If you are a Provider of a national audit, enquiry, or other national quality improvement project and would like a project to be included in The Directory, please complete contact form provided.

What The Directory doesn’t provide:

The Directory is not a comprehensive and detailed portal, but more of a quick reference lookup.  It is not meant to replace detailed information that can be found on other websites.